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July 22, 2016 By: Marie Pauley Category: Partner News

With more than 500 acres of primarily produce, even with the best planning, Axdahl’s Garden Farm can have surplus to share.

“In the type of business we have, especially in the wholesale side, we have to guess how much to grow in the summer and even though I’m a certified master planner, I still have to deal with mother nature and everything else,” explained Brian Axdahl in an interview with WCCO Radio this winter.

Axdahl’s has partnered with Second Harvest Heartland and other local food shelves to provide fresh produce to those in need, when they have surplus.

“We’ve worked with many food shelves in the past but the volume that Second Heartland can do and the ease of which they can get trucks out to pick up at our farm has been really beneficial,” said Brian

The produce is picked fresh for donation and either picked up or delivered directly to Second Harvest Heartland where is serves the local community within days.

“We’re picking produce fresh for donation and what’s great about Second Harvest Heartland is that they supply I don’t even know how many hundreds of different food shelves throughout the region so they can really move some product and that’s great for us and everyone that needs it.”

Thank you, Axdhal’s for helping provide wholesome, locally-grown food to our hungry neighbors in need.


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