An Internship Undoubtedly More Than Paper-Pushing

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March 16, 2018 By: JT Pinther Category: SHH News

If you’re interested in stretching your comfort zone (and making a big difference in the process) an internship at Second Harvest Heartland might be the perfect fit for you.

Just take it from Sam, who interned with us in summer 2015.

Sam worked with our SNAP outreach team and spent much of his time at fresh produce distributions. His role was to talk to families at the distributions to see if they knew about all the tools available to get food, like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

While Sam knew Second Harvest Heartland was making a positive impact on the community, he was also impressed by how he was treated. “I wasn’t given just paper, I was given a project to manage. I was treated like an employee, doing something tangible, something important to do within my team. That was really rewarding!”

Today, Sam says he uses his experiences at Second Harvest Heartland with him at his job in community engagement at the State. “I applied for the job, and literally every single thing I did at Second Harvest Heartland applied,” Sam said. “I would recommend to anyone looking for an internship, look at the goal of the organization, what is the value, what do they contribute to the community?”

Interns contributed 6,833 hours at Second Harvest Heartland last year—and just like with Sam, we do our best to make sure our interns feel as valued as they are. After all, we couldn’t do the work we do without them.


We’re taking applications for our next cohort of interns right now! Check out our careers page for current positions available for this summer.


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