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May 15, 2017 By: Jens Pinther Category: SHH News

Our staff members have all sorts of reasons they choose to work at Second Harvest Heartland. But, there’s one common thread - they love that they can put clients at the center of their work. Below are some stories from a few of our employees.

Ma Lee-Chritz

"My family and I grew up poor so I know what it feels like to have to struggle between buying food or paying rent. Some of my best childhood memories are of my parents bringing home food from churches and/or the food pantries; things they would never have bought due to limited income. This is why I chose to work at Second Harvest Heartland, to give back and help others be informed about the resources available to them."

Alexandra De Kesel Lofthus

"Second Harvest Heartland is not afraid to take on difficult challenges and continues to look for ways to best serve clients and the greater community in existing work and new opportunities. It is an honor to be part of the new team which develops partnerships with health care systems and engages them in ways to reduce hunger while aiming to improve health outcomes. On a daily basis I am surrounded by amazing, dedicated people, get to do meaningful work with a strong purpose and be continuously challenged. I couldn’t ask for anything more!"

Steve Joubert

"Our mission is something that I have dedicated myself to 100 percent. I love helping people in whatever ways I can and by putting efforts towards making sure no one goes to bed at night with a growling stomach is very rewarding. Knowing that my hard work is doing so much good for so many people motivates me to always do the best I can every day."

Roel Ramos

"The reason I work at Second Harvest Heartland is that every day I know I’m making a difference in my community. Growing up, our family experienced food insecurity and we visited food shelves on a regular basis, this is my way of giving back."

Lorraine Dahm

"For Second Harvest Heartland and our mission, Food Rescue allows us to provide an abundance of fresh products that are often too expensive for those dealing with food insecurity or unavailable in food deserts, and contributes much needed variety from the usual food shelf staples."

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