A Roof Over Our Heads and Food to Fill Our Stomachs

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September 29, 2017 By: Marie Pauley Category: SHH News

“Things have always been kind of tight for us, but lately they’ve been worse,” Maria reflected while strolling through the food shelf aisles.

A few months back, Maria and her family were faced with a dilemma. They received the news that the rent they were already struggling to pay was increasing. Coupled with the premiums on health insurance and a child that lives with ALS, Maria and her family were at a crossroads - either pay rent or pay premiums.

Shelter was the priority, so they gave up their health insurance and moved to a different home. For a while they tried to make it work with her husband’s income as a full-time truck driver. Maria continued to stay home to care for her son, Joshua.

The move was more expensive than planned and has been an adjustment. Through all of the stress and difficult choices, one thing provided hope for Maria. Maria knew with the help of the local food shelf, no matter their circumstances, her family would not have to worry about eating.

With the Thanksgiving season just around the corner having the ability to turn to the food shelf to help provide a holiday meal is so important to Maria.

“This food will make it possible for me to serve my family a big holiday meal this year. Otherwise, it’s not something we’d be able to afford,” Maria said with a grateful tone.

In the past this time of year has been difficult for Maria, but as her kids grow older everyone begins to focus more on being thankful for what they have versus what they don’t.

When reflecting on the things they have, it’s clear that despite their troubles, Maria and her family know what matters most.

“This year we’ll have a roof over our head, and food to fill our stomachs. We’ll have everything we need and each other. I couldn’t ask for much more than that.”

In order to help provide enough meals today, tomorrow and into the holidays for families like Maria’s, we need your help to raise funds for 12 million meals by Thanksgiving Day. Join us and help Fill Another Table this year.


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