A Client Caught in Limbo Struggles to Avoid Hunger

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March 23, 2017 By: JT Pinther Category: SHH News

In between jobs, Selena is in a tough position. She needs an income to maintain a healthy and consistent diet, but she also needs to be treated in an inpatient facility in the coming weeks. While she’s being treated, she can’t work. And ethically, she doesn’t want to take a new position when she’s suddenly going to leave it.

“I’m not going to take a job when I’m waiting to be inpatient,” Selena said.

She doesn’t know when a bed will open up for her to get the help she needs, so for now she’s in a state of limbo—no income but still needing to take care of herself. Hunger has been a concern for Selena, but with the help of Second Harvest Heartland, she’s finding hot meals.

“Hunger changes a person’s mentality,” Selena said from experience. “If I didn’t have one good meal a day, I don’t know where my mind would be.”

On a daily basis, Selena has been attending this community meal for more than a month. She feels respected and does not feel judged at resources Second Harvest Heartland helps provide. “Eating with family and stuff, I feel like I’m not contributing or something,” Selena said. “I don’t feel like that here. I don’t feel guilty for eating.”

Selena freely expressed sincere gratitude for the donors who make food resources possible. “I really appreciate this program. I don’t feel like I’m being a burden or anything, and I really wouldn’t be eating much without this.”

You can make a difference for people like Selena. With just $1, you can provide a day’s worth of food for someone who feels stuck in difficult circumstances or for a hardworking family just trying to make ends meet. Learn more here!


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