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August 7, 2018 By: Category: Hunger Stories

Kathryn, 61, lives with her daughter and grandkids (Princess, 6, and Angel, 1) at The Senior Place in Northeast Minneapolis. The Senior Food Shelf is located in the same building, making it convenient for Kathryn to access and prepare healthy food for her family.

“I was born and raised in Minneapolis, but my dad was an Evangelist pastor, so the whole family used to travel like vagabonds by train, bus, and car to Texas, California—wherever my dad had to go to set up churches. I was the middle kid—one of five girls and one boy. Dad got sick when I was 13, and I helped take care of my siblings.”

“I had my first kid at 16, got married at 17. I have three living children, and all my kids are around me. My son is a cook; he’s the oldest. My other son is a carpenter and auto mechanic, and my daughter is a banker. She works part- and full-time, and is pursuing her Masters in banking. She has two more semesters left before getting her degree. Her husband is in the hospital, so she and her kids are staying with me here.”

“I fell off a loading dock years ago when I was moving out of an abusive marriage, and required a lot of surgeries. I kept my faith, being a minister’s daughter. I was born with bad lungs and asthma, but I kept my faith through everything. Being here helps me be on my own. I was in the hospital a lot when my kids were young. Now I take care of my kids and grandkids. We always help each other.”

“The Senior Food Shelf means I can have my independence. It means I can get what I need and I can make food for my grandkids. I volunteer every summer for the big vegetable giveaway they do here, and work in the garden. Being a minister’s daughter, I was taught to care for those who can’t do for themselves. I have days when I’m tired but I don’t let anyone know it. I raised my kids with manners, respect, and prayers. Before they eat they bow their heads and they pray, so I know I did my job right raising them.”


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