Being Busy Doesn’t Stop Taylor from Giving Back

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November 8, 2016 By: JT Pinther Category: SHH News

Taylor wanted to give back to her neighbors, but didn’t necessarily have the income to support financial donations. She decided to give her time instead.

But what time, exactly? “I work three jobs and I go to school,” Taylor said. She works in marketing at a local nonprofit, works as a dog-sitter and serves as a debate judge.

“I don’t like free time, apparently,” Taylor said with a grin.

Taylor and her boyfriend Alex were on the search to find a place to volunteer regularly. “We wanted to find an org and stay with an org,” Taylor said. “We’re in college. We don’t have a ton of money. It’s much easier to donate time on a Saturday.”

Second Harvest Heartland’s Golden Valley location is just five minutes from Taylor’s house. “I like that it’s mission-centric,” Taylor said about her experiences volunteering with Second Harvest Heartland. Taylor and Alex have volunteered at two large fundraising events, Smack Shack’s Crayfest and Deschutes Street Pub, as well as dedicating several Saturday afternoons since early summer to packing food for hungry neighbors.

“I like that it’s a team effort,” Taylor said. “I like the feeling of that.”

Not only does this volunteer work appeal to Taylor feeling compelled to give back, but also she feels right at home at Second Harvest Heartland. “All of the event volunteers are so well taken care of,” Taylor said.

It sounds like Taylor has found her organization! “Getting excited about your work is really meaningful to me,” Taylor added.

When Taylor isn’t working, studying or volunteering, Taylor crochets, quilts and spends time with her two pet rabbits.

“[Volunteering] is a great way to get involved and feel like you’re doing something,” Taylor said.

Second Harvest Heartland has many kinds of volunteer opportunities available. Check out our calendar and schedule your next shift today!


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