Community Partners

Our Mission at Work:  Ending Hunger Through Community Partnerships

Second Harvest Heartland is passionate in our belief that we can end hunger, but we cannot do it alone. Working with organizations down the street and nationwide, we collaborate to get more meals to more hungry people.

Feeding America
Second Harvest Heartland is a proud member of Feeding America, the nation’s leading hunger-relief charity, with more than 200 food banks nationwide.

Cluster Food Banks
Second Harvest Heartland works closely with the other six Feeding America food banks serving our region across the nation to share best practices and drive innovation.

Legacy Partners

hunger-free MNHunger-Free Minnesota
Hunger-Free Minnesota was a time-limited campaign launched in 2011 by Second Harvest Heartland. The goal of the campaign was to identify and introduce strategies that would substantially — and sustainably — eliminate our state’s missing meals gap through collective impact. Because of the support from dozens of partners and organizations throughout the state, the campaign launched nine successful initiatives which have changed the hunger relief landscape in our state.

After the campaign’s many successes, it has sunsetted as planned. As a key partner working to end hunger in our communities, Second Harvest Heartland, along with the campaign’s other partners, want to ensure that its many accomplishments continue to positively influence hunger relief throughout the state.

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