Q. I am a commercial business or a farmer looking to donate. What kind of donations are accepted?

We accept excess produce and perishable, frozen, dry or bulk products that are:

  • Unlabeled or mislabeled
  • Rejected but still safe for human consumption or use
  • Discontinued items
  • Off-spec items
  • Damaged items (some restrictions apply)
  • Close-dated items and
  • Various past “best if used by” dated products.

Q. I am an individual looking to donate. What kind of donations are accepted?

We accept donations at our locations in Maplewood and Brooklyn Park. Food donated needs to be labeled, undamaged and still within the “best if used by” date.

We cannot accept donations exceeding 200 pounds or frozen goods at our Maplewood location. Please donate these items at our Brooklyn Park location or to one of our partner agencies in Maplewood. Please call before donating:

To make room for more healthy food on our shelves and to continue to meet the demand for fresh produce, milk and lean protein, we do not accept donations of candy or soda. Please see our Healthy Foods Policy for more information.

We no longer accept in-person donations of frozen (including meat) or refrigerated product from individual donors.

The only acceptable perishable product is produce (along with all other non-perishable food items and grocery products.) In the interest of food safety for our agency partners and clients, we do not accept other perishable items as we cannot verify proper temperature control or correct storage procedures.

Click here for Second Harvest Heartland locations.

Q. What kind of food is most needed?

Review our Most Needed Items page for a list of the items that are in greatest demand by hungry families.

Q. An organization I work with/volunteer at is interested in organizing a food drive. How can we get that food to Second Harvest Heartland?

See our Food & Fund Drive page for how to donate food, as well as tips on how to organize your drive.

Q. I have extra produce from my garden. Do you accept that?

Yes, see Share Fresh Minnesota for more information.

Q. Do you accept wild game?

For food safety reasons, the only wild game we can accept is venison that has been processed under the guidelines established by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Q. Can I donate non-food items?

Yes. We accept and encourage donations of personal care and non-food items commonly found in your home such as laundry detergent, shampoo, napkins, toilet paper and other similar items.

Q. Do you accept pet food?

Yes. Pets are an important part of many families and we do accept donations of cat and dog food.

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