Hunger & Health Initiative

Proper nutrition and access to food play an important role in prevention, treatment and recovery for many health conditions, which can be challenging for high-need patients.

Those with food insecurity disproportionately suffer from health challenges.

This video illuminates the cycle of food insecurity and health, and how we can each be part of the solution. 

Households who are facing both poor health and food insecurity must overcome multiple challenges, including maintaining a good diet to manage disease and lack of access to sufficient medical coverage. Budget constraints related to healthcare are further revealed in the spending tradeoffs reported by client households. At least once in the past year, 67% of our hungry clients have had to make the tough choice between food or medical care/medicine.

Health and Hunger Infographic Updated


Since most people access the health care system, we can connect with clients who aren't currently visiting our agencies by working with health care providers to pass along resources and information supplied by Second Harvest Heartland.

FOODRx is a Second Harvest Heartland initiative which aims to create new ways for food insecure patients to access food within the health care system.

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