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Our Leadership Circle members provide support that is above and beyond ordinary, helping solve the problem of hunger tomorrow by investing today.

Last year alone, members of our Leadership Circle:

  • Raised more than $17.8M
  • Provided over 53M meals
  • Contributed to 67% of total individual annual giving, despite comprising 17% of our donors

We invite you to become part of our Leadership Circle family

With your annual support of $500 or more, you'll be part of a vital group of supporters bringing us closer to our vision of a hunger-free Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

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Leadership circle

Featured Leadership Circle Member: Kathy Yano

"I support Second Harvest, with both money and volunteer time, because I believe in their mission. I love the fact that they serve only Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, so my donation is helping my fellow Minnesotans. They are constantly coming up with new programs to reach the hungry and new ways to keep food out of the landfills. Given all the wealth in the United States no one in this country should go without food." - Kathy Yano, Leadership Circle member

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