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Helping hungry neighbors while reducing food waste across the heartland.

Reducing Food Waste Across the Heartland

Food rescue does just what the name suggests: Saves fresh and edible food from going to landfills.

Every day, vast quantities of food go to waste because grocery stores, food producers and even farmers have no other options. When packaged goods, dairy, produce and meats near the end of their “use-by” dates, retailers, growers and food manufacturers often have few options. 

With Food Rescue, we team up with local food sources to divert safe, edible food from landfills, and provide it to hungry households in need.


Rescuing Millions of Pounds of Food

Last year, the Food Rescue program worked with hundreds of food donors and local food shelves to bring healthy food to households across Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

39.7 million

Food rescued from retail partners like grocery and convenience stores.

580 local stores

Donated excess food to support hungry neighbors.

60% of donations

Come from local relationships across our partner network.

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You Can Be Part of the Solution

Every day, Retail Food Rescue collects thousands of pounds of produce, dairy, deli, meat, bakery and grocery items from grocery stores and retail partners, then distributes these products to food shelves, meal programs and shelters.
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Share Excess Prepared Food Through

Are you a food manufacturer, commercial kitchen, caterer or restaurant with surplus prepared food from daily operations or special events? You can also donate through the MealConnect app.
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Donate Excess Food Worry-Free

We take food rescue seriously, so commercial food preparers can donate excess food worry-free. When you donate in good faith, you’re protected from civil and criminal liability by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Donation Act. In addition, every non-profit

Funding for Food Rescue is provided by Allianz, Feeding America – Walmart Foundation and General Mills Foundation.