A strong safety net for our community

Too many of our neighbors are one flat tire or illness away from facing hunger. Parents skip meals so their kids can eat, seniors skip meals so they can pay for needed medications.

When families face problems like these, we’re the safety net they can depend on to keep food on the table. We’re working with other hunger relief partners to find new solutions to keep the safety net strong year after year. Together last year we served more than half a million people and helped provide them with more than 97 million meals.

1 in 8 children

Stabilizing hungry families

What is the impact of having enough food? Food stability means being able to live fully as a productive parent, employee or student, being able to focus on your quality of life without worrying about how to feed yourself or your family.

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Strengthening the hunger relief system

Second Harvest Heartland partners with more than a thousand food shelves, and hunger-relief programs. We create new partnerships with schools, hospitals and clinics to broaden and deepen our reach across our service area.

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