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Guidelines and Event Support

Guidelines and Event Support

We appreciate and are grateful for your interest in holding an event to help end hunger in our community. This information is designed to help you plan and carry out a fundraising event or promotion to benefit Second Harvest Heartland (SHH). Please note that all fundraising activities that involve use of SHH’s name or logo must be reviewed and approved in advance by SHH staff.

Please complete the Event Submission Form prior to the proposed fundraising activity. Approval will be granted on a per event/promotion basis and Letter of Agreement will be sent to be signed by both parties.

How we can help with your fundraising activity

  • We want your fundraising activity to be successful and will do what we can to help you, including:
    • Promotion of the event on the SHH’s online Calendar of Events or Promotions page, as appropriate.
    • Provide information for flyers and press releases. (We cannot produce or distribute press releases.)
    • Provide thank-you letters for donors who make checks payable to “Second Harvest Heartland” or provide contact information with a cash donation.


  1. A proposed promotion must meet the following SHH objectives:
    • Raise financial resources;
    • Garner positive media exposure
  2. SHH welcomes all donation amounts. Due to limited resources, SHH’s participation, including providing staff and volunteers, is based on our Event Support Guidelines. Staff and/or volunteer presence at an event is never guaranteed and is determined on a case by case basis and is usually related to revenue and exposure levels.
  3. SHH does not provide staff and/or volunteers to lead the planning and execution of third-party events or promotions.
  4. We reserve the right to deny any application for a fundraising activity that does not complement the mission of, or project a positive image of SHH.
  5. The sponsoring organization must provide SHH with a list of targeted corporate sponsors. SHH reserves the right to exclude solicitation to specific sponsors.
  6. All publicity must be approved by SHH prior to distribution. Publicity should not imply that the event is sponsored or co-sponsored by SHH or that SHH is involved as anything but the beneficiary. Please list the event name followed by “…benefiting Second Harvest Heartland."
  7. The public should be informed how SHH will benefit from the event or promotion. If SHH will not receive all of the proceeds, then the approximate amount of dollars and/or percentage that benefits SHH must be stated clearly on all related publicity.
  8. SHH expects to receive proceeds within 45 days of the fundraising event or campaign.
  9. We are unable to provide support for all fundraising activities that benefit SHH. We cannot, for example:
    • Share SHH mailing lists
    • Provide insurance coverage or liquor liability
    • Provide funding or reimbursement for expenses
    • Provide licensing and permits (raffle, etc)
    • Provide staff or volunteer support (except as approved based on Event Support Guidelines)
  10. A Letter of Agreement should be signed by both parties.

Event Support from Second Harvest Heartland

Event support varies by anticipated proceeds for Second Harvest Heartland and begins with a Letter of Agreement signed by both parties. SHH support generally follows the guidelines listed below.

  • All events are eligible for:
    • SHH Logo usage*
    • Inclusion on Events or Promotions page as appropriate
    • Electronic flyer suitable for printing, available upon completion of Letter of Agreement
  • Events raising $5,000-$25,000 are eligible for:
    • All of the above plus
    • Volunteer assistance (SHH determines number of volunteers and hours on a case by case basis.)
  • Events raising $25,000 or greater are eligible for:
    • All of the above plus
    • Event staff assistance
    • Director or Executive staff member presence
  • Please note:
    • SHH does not provide staff and/or volunteers to lead the planning and execution of third-party events or promotions
    • Presence on 2harvest.org is never guaranteed and is determined on a case-by-case basis
    • SHH does not share or sell its list of donors
    • Events raising $25,000 or more, SHH reserves the right to audit the sponsoring organization’s books and records related to the event (especially if event expenses exceed 50% of gross proceeds)
    • In rare instances, where fiscal sponsorship is requested and approved, a 12-15% administrative fee will be charged to the hosting organization
  • *All fundraising activities that involve use of Second Harvest Heartland’s name or logo must be reviewed and approved in advance by SHH staff.

Restrictions for volunteer assistance.

  • Staff and/or volunteer presence is never guaranteed; is determined on a case-by-case basis; and is usually based on financial guidelines.
  • Volunteer experience should be reasonable and meaningful.
  • SHH requires a 30-day notice for volunteers.
  • Based on previous events and your event, SHH will consider and offer a reasonable number of volunteers.
  • If event requires paid parking, please consider reimbursing the volunteers for that expense or working with venue to have that expense covered for them.
  • A lead specific to volunteers is required. This lead will meet the volunteers upon arrival and provide them instructions.