Farmers' Market Agency Pickup (FMAP)


Second Harvest Heartland is one of the nation’s largest, most efficient food banks, distributing nearly 120 million pounds of food to neighborhood food shelves and hunger-fighting programs across 59 Minnesota and western Wisconsin counties in 2020. We work to end hunger in our communities through partnerships.

To help meet the need, we source produce, protein, dairy and shelf-stable items from a variety of partners: manufacturers and distributors, grocery and convenience stores, restaurants and hotels, and, of course, local farmers and growers. Everyone can play a role in ending hunger.

What is the Farmers' Market Agency Pickup (FMAP) Program?

For farmer’s markets in our region, partnerships with local food shelves can bring surplus produce to the dinner tables of neighbors facing hunger. Here’s how it works:

donate Receipt reimbursed

We leverage funding from Minnesota’s Farm to Food Shelf program to cover labor costs. Only Minnesota growers are eligible to receive funds through this program.

Who can participate in the Farmers' Market Agency Pickup (FMAP) Program?

Any grower at a farmer's market that is part of the FMAP program can participate. If you are a grower and are wondering if your farmer's market is participating in the FMAP program, please reach out to your farmer's market manager.

Interested in learning more? If you’re interested in learning more about the Famers' Market Agency Pickup Program or in participating, please contact:

Heidi Coe, Produce Strategy Manager
(651) 282-0855

Additional information for participating markets and growers:

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