We know that ending hunger is not something we can do alone. Hunger-relief requires commitment, resources and action on all fronts, including the public policy arena. That is why Second Harvest Heartland is committed to advocating for programs and policies that get food and nutrition to those who need it most and feed as many as possible within our region. As one of the nation's largest, most efficient and innovative hunger relief organizations, we leverage our unique position to connect community voices, issues and stories with elected officials and public policy-makers in addition to mobilizing support for ending hunger.

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We’re asking the State of Minnesota for a one-time $18 million investment in our new facility that will help us reach more hungry Minnesotans. Second Harvest Heartland’s current warehouse is at maximum capacity. This critical one-time funding will help us renovate a bigger and better facility that can handle the millions of pounds of fresh food we rescue and redistribute to more than 1,000 food shelves, partner food banks and meal programs that reach every county in the state. Read more from Boston Consulting Group's Monte Carlo Study.

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Our policy efforts include:

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Education. Second Harvest Heartland works to educate the public and policymakers on the causes and consequences of hunger and about food and nutrition support programs.

Advocacy. We advocate for mindful and just food and nutrition assistance policies.

Impact Policy. Second Harvest Heartland works to enhance and accelerate policies that impact hunger to strengthen the safety net and improve outcomes for low-income individuals.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP provides our hungry neighbors with the means to purchase nutritious food. It enables low-income families' to access nutritious food in support of their health, learning, and ability to work.

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