Stories of Hunger, Help and Hope

Hunger is personal. It can take its toll on anyone, anywhere, changing the way people live their lives.

When you donate money, volunteer time or food to us, your involvement does so much for families who are hurting. Take a look at real stories that bring our work at Second Harvest Heartland to life.

No Child Should Go Hungry

Currently, one in six children in our region will struggle to find food at some point this year. 

Faces of Hunger 

Every day, one in nine people in Minnesota and western Wisconsin struggles with hunger, even though there’s more than enough food available.

Never too young

Dylan and Henry take the spirit of hunger relief door to door.

When a fixed income isn’t quite enough

Seniors are the fastest growing segment of people visiting food shelves.

‘I shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask for help’

When job loss leads to an empty cupboard, Stephanie finds the resources she needs.

‘My stomach grumbles and yells at me’

What does hunger mean to local kids?

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Three Young Kids with Meals

Making a living out of making a difference

One box of food at a time, Second Harvest Heartland employee Mary McDonald sees the impact of one-on-one giving.

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Mary McDonald

Delivering food and spreading hope

Dwight Peach, a Second Harvest Heartland truck driver, starts his workdays around 4 a.m., picking up food rescue products from local retailers…

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Dwight Peach

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