Partial Government Shutdown

Shutdown News: Second Harvest Heartland and our partners continue to prepare for an extended government shutdown. If the newly undertaken federal negotiations yield a deal, countless families will regain the certainty of full cupboards. If, however, there is not an agreement that permanently reopens the government by February 15, our community will face a meal-gap crisis. Our teams and supporters need every day between now and then to prepare to meet the increased need. The people we serve can’t afford for us to wait.

Shutting down hunger and uncertainty

As we enter the fifth week of the partial government shutdown, the number of Minnesotans feeling the pain and worry of hunger is growing. Missed paychecks for the 6,000 furloughed federal workers in our state have created impossible choices, between food and other necessities, like housing, transportation and medication. These families join the 1 in 11 people in our community already struggling with hunger, many of whom rely on federally funded programs (like SNAP) and their local food shelves to fill their cupboards.

Tripling the hungry

The partial government shutdown has tied up the federal dollars and paychecks families depend upon to buy groceries. Short-term funding sources for food programs run out in a few weeks, at which point, at least half a million members of our community will have no choice but to turn to their local food shelves or go without. Our estimates suggest that community food shelves and meal programs—already stretched for resources—will be asked to triple the meals they deliver. The hunger-relief community won’t be able to meet this enormous demand unless everyone who can help does help.

Give help

The good news is, Second Harvest Heartland and the region’s mighty network of food shelves are responding to the increased need and gearing up to do more; we need you to stand alongside us to meet the challenge. Help fill our trucks and the shelves of your neighborhood food program with surplus produce, protein, milk and other necessities!

1. Make a donation to Second Harvest Heartland or your local food shelf today
2. Pitch in, at a soup kitchen, your local food shelf or the Second Harvest Heartland volunteer center
3. Host a Food and Fund Drive
4. If you are a corporation, we'd love to discuss the best way for you to partner with us

Get help

If you or someone you know is impacted by the shutdown, support is available!
1. Find your closest food shelf
2. Read up on the steps you can take if you receive federal food assistance

Take action now. Donate Volunteer Participate