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Land O Lakes Volunteer GroupGet organized before your group event and make the most of your time with us.


Group leader checklist

The group leader serves as a liaison between the volunteer group and our staff to create a positive experience.

If your group includes any youth, please visit our Youth Volunteering page to read our age requirements and chaperone guidelines.

After you register for your shift:

  • Send shift instructions to your group members, using the information provided in your confirmation email:
    • Shift details: date, time and location.
    • Wardrobe specs: close-toed shoes, no jewelry.
    • Personal comfort: dress in layers to adjust for hot/cold temps.
  • Can’t find your confirmation email? Email us at and we’ll send you a new copy with all the details you’ll need for your shift.

  • Familiarize yourself with our chaperone guidelines and age requirements. Collect a Second Harvest Heartland youth waiver with a parent/guardian signature for each youth volunteer. Chaperones cannot sign youth waivers and youth without a signed waiver will not be allowed to volunteer.

At least one week prior to your shift:

  • Confirm with your participants that they will be coming. Remember, volunteers who are feeling ill should not attend.
  • Email all group members’ names to using this spreadsheet. Including email and phone numbers is preferred.
  • Email with information about any changes in your group, including size and group leader changes.
  • Increase in group size: In some cases you will only be allowed to bring the number of volunteers for whom you have made reservations.
  • Decrease in group size: Contact Second Harvest Heartland staff as soon as possible. In most cases, bringing a couple fewer volunteers than planned is fine, but we may not be able to work with a significantly smaller-than-expected group.
  • We depend on groups to bring the number of volunteers they register. Failure to notify us of a change in your reservation can have a severe negative impact on our operations.

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Tips for a successful volunteer event


Make it fun!

  • Create a competition between departments/teams.
  • Make t-shirts for volunteers.
  • Host a corresponding food drive. Learn more »
  • Include your friends and families, or your company’s clients or customers.
  • Offer prizes or incentives for participation.
  • Plan a lunch or happy hour around the event.
  • Combine a team meeting with the event. Read more »

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