Minnesota Hunger 101 Simulation

Minnesota Hunger 101 is a unique role play simulation in which participants are asked to take on the life circumstances of someone in Minnesota at risk for hunger. The goal of the simulation is for each participant to try and get enough food to feed his or her family for 1 day by tapping the resources of the food shelf, county human service office (applying for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - SNAP), grocery store and the bank.

Minnesota Hunger 101 is designed to accommodate groups of 10 – 30 participants. It can be accomplished in a 75 – 90 minute simulation. It is recommended that group participants have at least 8th grade reading and math abilities. Simulations are provided throughout the Twin Cities area.

Through the simulation, Second Harvest Heartland aims to:

  • Help participants understand the complex, intersecting economic and social circumstances that lead to and perpetuate hunger.
  • Develop compassion and empathy for people in need by helping participants understand how poverty creates tough choices and provides few solutions.
  • Motivate participants in the fight against hunger and poverty and provide specific suggestions for how to take action.

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Guide to Hands-on Learning

Hands-on LearningThese Second Harvest Heartland educational activities are designed for teachers and students to help them learn more about hunger and actions that may be taken to tackle a growing need in our communities. Within our Guide to Hands-on Learning you will find lesson plans which include activities to supplement your volunteer visit to Second Harvest Heartland. These lessons can be adapted for multiple ages and settings.

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