Volunteer Spotlight of the Month: Carolyn Sayers

August 13, 2014 By: Sara Blair Category: WordPress Import

When asked why she volunteers, Carolyn Sayers says that giving back was just how she was raised.

Her parents’ stories of seeing people standing in food lines during the Great Depression made a powerful impression on her, and she learned early on to clean her plate and take care of others.

Now retired after a long career as a public school teacher, Carolyn volunteers several times a month at Second Harvest Heartland. She splits her time between sorting donated food at the Golden Valley warehouse, and distributing groceries to local elementary school students through the Meals for Minds program.

And while Carolyn sees the need for emergency food increasing in some places, she is happy to see a new generation of volunteers joining the fight to end hunger.

“It’s really great to be able to see families volunteering together—especially young kids. When I was raising my kids, it was hard to find those opportunities. It’s beautiful to see,” says Carolyn. “People of all ages are needed. The kids who volunteer really have fun. It exposes them to other people’s needs, and makes them feel important.”

Carolyn encourages others to give volunteering a try: it’s fun, easy and good exercise. Most importantly, volunteers like Carolyn see the direct impact that food has on the lives of the families, children and seniors that Second Harvest Heartland serves.

“It’s good to see the smiles and how much people benefit, as well as hear sincere thank yous,” says Carolyn.

To find volunteer opportunities for you, visit 2harvest.org/volunteer.


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