The Face of Hunger: Warren

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September 8, 2015 By: Sara Blair Category: SHH News

By day, Warren volunteers in the kitchen of the Dorothy Day Center in St. Paul, an agency partner that Second Harvest Heartland supports. FOH Warren blog post photo

By night, he sleeps on a mat on the floor of the very kitchen he works so hard to run.

As a volunteer, he gets to choose his spot on the floor—up against the lockers in the corner so he only has people on two sides of him, instead of four. He calls this the “Fort Snelling” corner.

Warren has been staying at the Dorothy Day Center since the beginning of March 2015. He’s charismatic, and everyone seems to know him.

Warren enjoys giving back to the Dorothy Day Center, since it’s helped him so much in the months he’s been relying on its services—especially the free meals he eats there at least two times a day.

“I do whatever they need help with. I was recruited, because I do the best job,” said Warren. “But I also think they like me.”

Warren is attending work skills training for apartment maintenance.

“I like staying busy, and I like cleaning,” said Warren. “I’m hoping to get a job once I finish my training, and get back on my feet.”


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