The Face of Hunger: Katie

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February 10, 2016 By: Marie Pauley Category: SHH News

Born and raised in Minnesota, Katie is a young mother who lives with her son and fiancé in Minneapolis. After being laid off from her job as a chef in an assisted living community in September, Katie and her family have endured additional challenges driving them to seek help from the local food shelf and Second Harvest Heartland. 

“The first visit is hard, it’s terrifying. No one wants to ask for assistance, but it’s important to provide for my son,” says Katie.

From her work experience, Katie knows the importance of adequate, healthy food. Katie goes above and beyond to ensure her family has access to not just enough food, but healthy food. Like many others in her situation Katie often sacrifices her own health for her son.

“I can’t get enough quality food for my son without relying on things like hot dogs or peanut butter and jelly for my own diet.”

Visits to the food shelf have helped shift this reality slightly. Each month, Katie and her family get items like fresh vegetables and meat at their local food shelf that make the difference between them making it through the month and not.

Katie Family

Katie and her fiancé, Nick know that their situation is temporary and are looking forward to the time that they are back on their feet and can donate to the organizations that have helped them.



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