My Second Harvest Heartland volunteer experience

February 20, 2009 By: Second Harvest Heartland Guest Writer Category: WordPress Import

On Presidents' Day I had the opportunity to volunteer for the first time for Second Harvest Heartland, and what an opportunity it was! Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine hosted the Best of the Best event to benefit Second Harvest.  The event had everything: glitz, glamor, and amazing food from local restaurants.

I worked the front door as a greeter, directing people to the check in area and the coat check. From my location I was able to help hundreds of people find their way, and to check out their outfits.  Being Minnesota, attire ranged from jeans and tee shirts to full length dresses and suits, but everyone looked beautiful.

The first hour and a half of my shift was crazy busy.  The lobby was completely packed 15 minutes before doors opened and continued that way for 45 minutes.  Even with the logistical oversight of not having a bathroom on the floor, people remained friendly and excited for the evening.

The best part of my night came after the rush.  With a few hours left on my shift, I was given a 30 minute break to enjoy the party.  All of the volunteers were allowed to go upstairs and enjoy the food and drink.  I had some wonderful dishes including oysters on the half shell from Barbette and rack of lamb from Seven, my two favorite foods.

The Best of the Best was a super fun event to volunteer for.  I met some great people, including my fellow volunteers and got to try some great food.  I will definitely be doing this again next year!

- Kassie Church


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