Moved By Her Son’s Hungry Classmates, Tatiana Volunteers

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June 28, 2017 By: JT Pinther Category: SHH News

Fresh produce distributions help get more fresh foods into the communities that need it most.

These opportunities can be imagined as a line of tables full of fresh fruits and vegetables available to all who need them. Hundreds of our hungry neighbors access these distributions all summer long. The events bring joy and relief to our clients’ lives: to bring home a box or wagon piled with fresh food that would otherwise be difficult to afford or even access, is something that brings hope to our neighbors.

In order to make these distributions possible, we need volunteers. Thankfully, Second Harvest Heartland volunteers are a dedicated group, comprised of people like Tatiana.

Tatiana volunteered at produce distributions multiple times last year. “It was really rewarding!” Tatiana said.

Her main role during these distributions was to help families carry large boxes and bags of produce from the site to their cars and sometimes their houses. “It was a lot more hands-on,” Tatiana said. “It was cool to see the actual recipients of the work.”

Tatiana has been a dedicated hunger relief volunteer for three years. She said her interest in the work started with some of the stories of the kids in her son’s school. Many of his classmates were labeled “problem children” because of behavior challenges. “But the real problem was hunger, some of the teachers realized. It’s a butterfly affect from there,” Tatiana said.

“Hunger is my number one charity that I donate time to,” Tatiana said. “I think it’s literally the most important thing. If you don’t have food, you can’t learn in school, you can’t function at work, you can’t keep a job. It’s a slow death, is what it is.”

Tatiana believes we as neighbors need to take a hard look at how we see hunger and its causes. “They don’t understand there’s a deeper problem. They don’t realize it’s the person sitting next to you at work, the person in your church.”

Sign up for a produce distribution volunteer shift this summer or read more about our larger produce initiative!

Funding for the Fresh Produce Distribution Partnership is provided by UnitedHealthcare.


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