FOODRx Provides Healthier Choices for Lisa and her Family

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March 29, 2018 By: Marie Pauley Category: SHH News

Lisa loved working in the hospital system because of the people that she met. It was the perfect job for her as a mother, but at the age of 32, Lisa’s life changed forever. After several years of working in the hospital system she ended up as a patient with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. Already living with diabetes, the complications took Lisa out of work.

Ten years later, Lisa is slowly getting back on her feet, but is still unable to work. Lisa is also the mother of two teens, and the single income from her partner’s auto repair shop is not enough to purchase the healthy foods she needs to improve her health.

“There’s a lot of times with only one income that we still struggle to provide food for the house. When it comes to the end of the month, the last week, sometimes before the last week, things are really tight, and the kids know it too.”

But last year, during a visit with her doctor at CentraCare clinic in St. Cloud, Minn., things changed for Lisa. In a pilot with Second Harvest Heartland’s FOODRx program, the clinic was working with patients - just like Lisa, to help improve health outcomes by providing a monthly box of food. 

By participating in the program, Lisa was able pick a box of food, specially tailored for her nutritional needs, at a place she regularly visits. Through the program Lisa saw improvements in her health and the health of her family.

“The blood sugars have come down, so it definitely helped my diabetes. Having an apple versus a bag of potato chips or something does wonders, and I love it because then the kids don’t have to eat junk food all the time and it’s healthier for them.”

“It means a lot. It’s healthier choices. It’s really helping us maintain a healthier lifestyle.”


When you support Second Harvest Heartland, your're helping us provide breakthrough programs like FOODRx which aims to create new ways for food insecure patients to access food within the health care system.


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