The Need

In Minnesota and western Wisconsin, one in 10 people experience the stress of hunger on any given day. That need has steadily increased over the last few years, with annual visits to food shelves in our area having grown to over half a million people.

While the economy is improving and many economic indicators are positive, Second Harvest Heartland and our agency partners see many people continuing to require our services as they struggle to make ends meet. Some are dealing with significant medical issues and expenses, or experiencing extended unemployment or underemployment.

In addition, more seniors on fixed incomes are seeking food support so they can pay for medications and other daily living expenses. The need for food assistance is expanding across cities, suburban neighborhoods and rural communities.

18 percent of our clients are veterans

We serve 532,000 people in MN and western WI

68 percent of our clients have worked for pay in 2014.

Second Harvest Heartland’s Role

As the state of hunger in Minnesota continues to grow and change, Second Harvest Heartland is committed to being a leader in a compassionate system that is on the front lines of meeting our neighbor’s needs.

Second Harvest Heartland is one of the nation’s largest, most efficient and most innovative food banks. We find new sources of food and deliver it to over 1,000 food shelves and other partner programs that in turn distribute this food to hundreds of thousands of people in need.

Second Harvest Heartland Food Sourcing Distribution

Food Changes Everything

We know that food changes everything. Having enough to eat means being better able to fight against chronic disease, being more mentally focused and able to learn and succeed in school or at work instead of worrying about the next meal. Food is a solid defense against challenges the world throws at us, and provides hope.