Stewardship Through Client-Focused Improvements

Second Harvest Heartland has made a commitment to improving partnerships through stewardship and by capitalizing on our strengths and the strengths of our partners. When stewardship means “thank you” and more, the little and big changes can make a significant impact on the lives of those we serve.

Considering our Own Space

1,800 seniors receive a monthly box of food from the Commodity Supplemental Food Service Program (CSFP) at our Maplewood facility. Seniors seeking support from the program are also interviewed at our site—in a space that was small and not very accommodating to seniors with limited mobility. A simple update to the CSFP office allowed more space for our senior clients—making room for walkers, wheelchairs and additional family members. An update to the food pickup area is also on the horizon with the goal of making this space even easier to navigate.

See our CSFP Drive-Thru in Action

Produce Distribution Pilots: Creating Win-Win Opportunities with Agency Partners

By combining Second Harvest Heartland’s volunteer resources with the distribution expertise of agency partner programs, more fresh produce made its way to high-need communities this summer.

Merrick Food Shelf in St. Paul was one of two partners in the produce distribution pilot supported by Second Harvest Heartland.

Staff: Making a Living out of Making a Difference

Second Harvest Heartland’s team of compassionate employees are dedicated to serving those in need. Our employees are proud to work here because they make a difference every day.

2014 Employee Stats:

  • Staff Stats: emails received1,062,528 — Emails Received
  • Staff Stats: emails sent571,620 — Emails Sent
  • Staff Stats: Coffee86,640 — Cups of coffee consumed by employees, volunteers and guests
  • Staff Stats: meetings507 — Meetings Held
  • Staff Stats: tweets399 — Number of Tweets
  • Staff Stats: employees157 —Total number of full-time employees
  • Staff Stats: Employee County Residences16 — counties staff members live in
  • Staff Stats: websites launched1 — Number of new websites launched

Hunger Heroes: Making a Compassionate and Transformational Impact

We're pleased to announce the 2015 recipients of Second Harvest Heartland's annual Hunger Hero awards. These awards were created to honor and recognize six organizational partners who have made an compassionate and transformational impact on those who are hungry in the heartland.

Our mission—to end hunger through community partnerships—could not be achieved without the support from these incredible partners. By providing donations of food, volunteer hours, financial support, innovative thought leadership, and helping us build awareness of the need; these partners are making a significant difference to hungry neighbors in the communities we serve.

This year's award recipients and their partnership donation categories include:

Hunger Hero Innovation
Hunger Hero Financial
Hunger Hero Food Rescue
Hunger Hero Awareness
Hunger Hero Food
Hunger Hero Volunteer

Learn more about these inspirational partners.

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