Doing More for our Hungry Neighbors

Each day, we look for new and innovative ways to feed more people in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. With your support, these programs can continue to grow and expand, along with the opportunities for new initiatives with partners.


For more than 30 years, Second Harvest Heartland and our partners have been fighting hunger in Minnesota by making food accessible to those who need it most.

Support and leadership in new programs

Hunger relief doesn’t only come in a food box or on a semi-truck trailer. It continues through creating new partnerships in nontraditional sectors and advocating for programs and policies at the Capitol that support the people we serve.

Being there when we’re needed

Part of our role in the hunger relief system is to strengthen the overall network of partners working to feed our community. By leveraging our scale, scope and reach to pilot and test sustainable programs, new and community-based solutions to hunger are always taking shape.

Collaborations are key

More than just a mission statement, ending hunger truly takes a community. Continued partnership with people like you, as well as agency partners, individual donors, volunteers and organizations, make our work possible.

We couldn’t do this without you

Our donors, supporters, and volunteers are the very core of Second Harvest Heartland. Here we recognize the contributions that make our work possible, thank you!