Filling More Than Plates

At Second Harvest Heartland, we do more than simply distribute food. We constantly look for ways to help more people in as many ways as we can. While hunger continues to be a serious problem for many of our neighbors, we’re making exciting progress with our programs, partners and constant innovation. We’d like to share our 2015 story with you here.

Neighbors in Need

Hunger affects nearly every neighborhood in our communities. But not everyone’s situation is the same. Meet some of the people we serve and learn more about how Second Harvest Heartland has been able to help.

Creative Solutions for More Fresh Food

There is more than enough food to feed everyone, but how do we source and connect wholesome food to those who need it, when they need it? Take a look at some of the innovative programs and methods we use to continue to reach our goals.

Compassionate Leadership

We’re proud of the number of partners, programs and people we’re able to serve year after year. Getting all that done takes a tremendous effort from people on a multitude of levels, starting with our leadership. Learn more about these people committed to helping ensure everyone has enough food.

Accomplishments We Make Together

Recognizing each other’s strengths has helped us shape our programs to best serve as many members of our community as we can. Through both individuals and larger organizations, we are constantly searching for new ways that we can achieve our goals together.

We Wouldn’t Exist Without You

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our partnerships and do more with the resources we have. That includes the incredibly generous donors and involved community members who are integral to our mission. We know our success is dependent on our joint commitment to ending hunger.