Serving Up Hope

At Second Harvest Heartland, we focus on being there for our neighbors in need. By both helping to stabilize hungry families and strengthening the hunger relief system, we are able to tackle an issue we’re passionate about: solving the problem of hunger.

The Need

The diversity of our clients and their individual situations may surprise you. Take a look at what we know about those in our community who are in need.

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Our Role

Working with the community and our partners is instrumental to our success. We can’t do this work without our donors, volunteers, innovative ideas and YOU.

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A Message From Our CEO

The results and effects of our work are wide-reaching and sometimes life-changing, but there’s still work to do! Our new strategic plan will set our direction for the next five years, and we’re excited for you to join us.

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The Face of Hunger

Hunger affects a wide range of people in various situations across our community. Here are a few stories from our clients — in their own words — about how Second Harvest Heartland and their local food shelf have helped them and their families.

The People Behind the Numbers

Meet some of the people who are struggling with hunger: Amber, Jeff, Karen and Audrey.

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On the Ground

Partners are an integral part of what we’re able to accomplish. Here’s one agency’s view of hunger based on the organization’s experience.

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2014 Hunger in America Study

This national study provides the latest statistics and demographics on who is using food banks, food shelves and other agency partner programs in the United States and our local community.

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Leading with Heart

As one of the largest food banks in the country, we take our leadership role seriously. Beyond simply “recycling” donated food, we collaborate with numerous partners to relieve hunger in many ways. Here are a few ways we do that, and continue to look for ways to serve more people.

Our Partners

Collaboration with agency and community partners is the key to our success.

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Volunteers Make it Possible

Volunteers put our work in to motion. Because of their tremendous contributions, our hungry neighbors received more wholesome food than ever before.

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Resources and Programs

There are many ways we work with our community to get food to those in need.

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Hunger, Health and Innovative Strategies

We know that food access and nutrition matter—that’s why the food we deliver to our agency partners has never been more nutritious. We’re also exploring innovations with health care systems to help link food insecure patients with food resources.

It's a Cycle

One of our clients explains in his own words how easy it can be to get caught up in a cycle of hunger and health issues.

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Access and Nutrition Matter

Having enough food can be a challenge. Having enough of the right food can be an even bigger struggle.

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Less Hunger, Better Health

Here’s how we’re doing more to help improve the overall health in our community.

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Champions of Hope

Meet 10 Minnesotans who are changing the world, one extraordinary act at a time.

Meet our Champions of Hope

Get to know some of our generous community supporters—the heart and soul behind our work.

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Collective Strength/Financials

We’ve made a commitment to improving partnerships through stewardship and by capitalizing on our strengths and the strengths of our partners, as we know the little and big changes can make a significant impact on the lives of those we serve.

Stewardship and Supporting New Ideas

From Retail Food Rescue to Produce Distribution Pilots, we’re sourcing and distributing food in innovative ways to benefit clients and agency partners.

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Our Staff

Second Harvest Heartland’s team of compassionate employees are dedicated to serving those in need.

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Hunger Hero Awards

We’re pleased to recognize this year’s six organizational partners who have made an exceptional and transformative impact in our community.

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Growth Brings Opportunity

As the need for food continues to grow and evolve, we are continually exploring new collection and distribution methods to get food to our clients.

Emergency Food System is Evolving

The growth in pounds of food collected and distributed represents ongoing community need, and a significant change in food banking.

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Maximizing Efficiencies

See the innovative ways we collect, package, store and distribute more food than ever before to those in need.

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2015 and Beyond

There are so many ways you can help us do more great things in the coming year—and beyond! See how you can join us in the fight to end hunger.

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