Breakthrough Programs

Beyond providing healthy food, we need to increase our hungry neighbors’ access to food through new partnerships and delivery models.

Our three Breakthrough Programs are:

  • Ending Child hunger: A new initiative to add 31 million missing meals for children, especially those living in currently underserved suburbs and rural areas of our region.
  • Health & hunger: We’re building new relationships with partners in health care to reach underserved and hard-to-reach clients. For example, FOODRx, a new way of delivering healthy food as part of medical care for diabetic, low-income patients. This is in pilot with three health care clinics, with plans to launch across the state.
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  • Fresh produce: A regional cooperative model where we source and then mix together varieties of produce into useable sizes and types that are in higher demand and lower supply. Currently in pilot, we’re working with 15 smaller food banks that reach seven states, helping 2.7 million people. Added benefits: reducing food waste and greenhouse gases.

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