Board of Director: Dr. Jon Pryor

Dr. Jon PryorDr. Jon Pryor

Hennepin Healthcare System, Inc. — Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Pryor joined HCMC as CEO in April, 2013. Before joining HCMC, he was CEO of the Medical College of Physicians, the Medical College of Wisconsin’s clinical practice group of physicians, advanced practice providers and other staff. As a management consultant at McKinsey & Company from 2006–2009, Dr. Pryor worked with healthcare clients to build financial models, develop growth strategies and implement lean management.

A urologic surgeon by training, Dr. Pryor was Chair of the Department of Urologic Surgery at the University of Minnesota from 2001–2006. He has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and was awarded a Bush Medical Fellowship in 2005. His education and training include a BA in physics from Carleton College, a medical degree from the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, two years of residency in the Hennepin County Medical Center Surgery Residency program followed by four years of urology residency, a MS at the University of Virginia and an American Foundation of Urologic Disease Fellowship at the University of Minnesota. He has been widely published in peer-reviewed journals in the area of men’s health and urologic disorders. Dr. Pryor was a faculty member at the University of Minnesota Medical School for 15 years including Chair of the Department of Urologic Surgery from 2001–2006.

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