Board of Director: David Fiocco

David FioccoDavid Fiocco

McKinsey & Company — Partner

Fiocco has deep experience – in both public and private sectors across the developed and developing world – focusing on the value chain in food security and sustainable growth strategies in North and South America, East and Southern Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. He employs that experience as an associate partner in McKinsey’s Global Agriculture and Sustainability and Resources Productivity Practices.

A recent success was connecting a multinational food distributor directly with farmers around the world—beginning with a Mexico pilot—to reduce waste, improve sustainable sourcing, and lower input and production costs. Prior to joining McKinsey, David was a research consultant with Yale University and the World Bank and worked with the Ministry of Agriculture in Uganda. He was a Fulbright Scholar in Uganda and earned a bachelors degree in anthropology and public policy, focused on agricultural development economics, from Duke University.

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