David Fiocco

David FioccoDavid Fiocco

McKinsey & Company — Partner

David Fiocco is a Partner in McKinsey’s Global Agriculture and Sustainability and Resource Productivity Practices, with experience across the public and private sectors in both the developed and developing worlds including North and South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. His work spans food value chains from crop inputs to origination, processing and retail.

David co-leads McKinsey’s Agricultural Commodity Research Engine (ACRETM) solution, using advanced analytics from crop models to weather analysis and geospatial tools to make evidence-based decisions. He is passionate about sustainability, and has worked with leaders around the world to build sustainable agriculture growth plans. Closer to home, he convenes a sustainability roundtable with many of Minnesota’s private sector and academic leaders. He recently authored the white paper “From Liability to Opportunity: How to Build Food Security and Nourish Growth.

Examples of his recent work include:

  • Crafting the market growth strategy for two Fortune 500 companies in East Africa, including nurturing partnerships with other multinationals, local players, and governments
  • Digitizing the “farmer decision journey” in partnership with a world leading agricultural distributor, building an online analytics platform to transform farmers’ year-round ability to plan, purchase, and monitor farm inputs
  • Drafting the “Agriculture 2020” vision for a Central American country, working with the President’s office and across ministries
  • Connecting a multinational food distributor directly with farmers around the world—beginning with a Mexico pilot to reduce waste, improve sustainable sourcing, and lower input and production costs
  • Designing South Sudan’s agriculture transformation plan, bringing together donors and government leaders to build a holistic agenda, including public-private partnerships across the value chain
  • Building the sourcing strategy for a global retailer to secure long-term sustainable supply chains in the face of climate change and resource pressure, price volatility, and grower demographics
  • Creating an integrated national food security strategy for a Middle East government, including domestic production, trade, market reforms, and emergency relief planning
  • Supporting the launch of a bilateral food security aid and development program, including a $100M+ annual research and development agenda for sustainable agriculture and nutrition

Prior to joining McKinsey, David was a research consultant with Yale University (Innovations for Poverty Action) and the World Bank and worked with the Ministry of Agriculture in Uganda. He was a Fulbright Scholar in Uganda and holds degrees from Duke University in anthropology and public policy, focused on agricultural development economics.

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