Midwest Region Produce Cooperative

The Midwest region faces regional climate challenges in sourcing and distributing fresh produce year-round. Accessing available surplus produce outside of our region is often difficult for food banks in the Midwest due to the high cost of transportation and the difficulty of storing and handling highly perishable – but highly desired – produce.

The Midwest Region Produce Cooperative (MRPC) is a member-driven organization facilitated by and hosted onsite at Second Harvest Heartland.

This new cooperative will:

  • Increase the quality, quantity and variety of produce
  • Reduce the cost of bulk/cased produce
  • Improve efficiency and planning for participating members


Through centrally planning, negotiating and purchasing pre-market, bulk/cased produce, member food banks will have access to a wide variety of nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables that were previously difficult to source and distribute.

In addition to reducing produce distribution barriers the cooperative will serve to innovate, pilot and incubate new opportunities for the distribution of produce, as well as facilitate sharing and replicating best practices within our region.

    Funding for Midwest Region Produce Cooperative is provided by Feeding America.

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