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September is Hunger Action Month, and we're asking you to help us fight hunger in our community, all month long. Whether it's by advocating and raising awareness, making donations, or volunteering, you can make a difference during Hunger Action Month.

Double Your Impact with the Double Down Challengedd_challenge_logo_ham_2013_1.jpg

Every hour you volunteer for Second Harvest Heartland during September will be matched with a $5 donation from Bremer Bank, up to a total of $50,000!

Morning, afternoon, evening and weekend packing shifts are available for both individuals and groups at our Golden Valley and Maplewood facility as well as different locations throughout the Twin Cities.

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Create Awareness to Help End Hunger
Twice as many people are visiting food shelves in your community today than just five years ago—the face of hunger isn't always who you might expect. More and more, our friends, neighbors—even our family members are struggling to put food on the table, but you can help. This September, we are asking you to take simple actions.

Go Orange: September 4 is the national Hunger Action Day. Show your support by wearing orange on the 4th, and all month long.

  • Virtually: dedicate your Facebook and Twitter profiles to hunger awareness for the month
  • Personally: wear orange throughout the month to raise awareness 
  • Physically: light up your home or workplace orange

Take: the SNAP challenge and live on just $4.15 a day

Display: our 30 ways in 30 days calendar at work, in your home, and throughout your community

Learn: the facts of Hunger in Minnesota and share with friends

Donate to Help End Hunger
For every $1 donated, Second Harvest Heartland can distribute more than $8 worth of food and grocery products.

Donate: Taste of the NFL Kick Hunger Challenge to help reach a national goal of $400,000. Your donation will stay right in our community.

Donate: Give a Meal with Bank of America – for every $1 you give, Bank of America will match your donation with $2 more!

Host: a virtual  Food and Fund Drive