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Second Harvest Heartland Food & Fund Drives, sponsored by Delta Air Lines, place the power to make a meaningful difference in the fight to end hunger directly in your hands. The efforts of everyone involved make a huge difference in the amount and variety of foods we're able to distribute. In fact, for every $1 donated, Second Harvest Heartland can distribute 3.7 meals to those in need.

Get Involved!

Anyone can host a Food & Fund Drive.

Each drive can be custom-made to fit your needs and abilities, whether it’s hosted by you, your family, a large corporation or small church group. You set the goal and the duration. You provide the location and imagination. Second Harvest Heartland supplies everything else you need to help feed our hungry neighbors today.

The best place to start is to register your drive by clicking on the “Start a Drive” tab on the right.

Virtual Food & Fund Drive: Greater Convenience and Bigger Impact

Second Harvest Heartland is excited launch a virtual food and fund drive. After you register your drive, donors can “shop” online for food products and make a donation to us. There are advantages to donating via the virtual drive over a traditional food and fund drive:

  • The virtual drive allows us to lower our costs because there are no transportation costs or volunteer hours needed.
  • It saves you the inconvenience of moving heavy food drive boxes and allows us to save on resources.
  • The donations can go towards purchasing foods that traditional food drives don’t bring in, such as perishable items like fresh produce, meats and breads.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please refer to the Coordinator’s Manual located to the right.

How do I sign my organization up for a Food and Fund Drive?

Click the Start a Drive button on the right. Once we receive your registration, we’ll send you a confirmation email.

Do you have food or money collection containers to use? Where can I get them?

Yes, we have both money and food collection containers. These can be picked up at either our locations. Depending on the size of your drive we do have 2 food donation containers available. The first is a cardboard box that stores flat and opens up to 24” tall x 18” square and holds about 80 lbs/items. The other is a plastic barrel that is about 3 feet tall with a 24” diameter. This holds about 150 lbs/ items. If you are hosting a large drive and are in need of multiple barrels, we can discuss the best way to get these to your location (call 651-209-7915). You are also welcome to use your own food donation containers and print off collection posters from our website to attach to your container.

What else does Second Harvest Heartland provide for my drive?

All the basic materials for coordinating a drive are found in the tabs to the right.

What do I do with my food and money donations when my drive is done?

Food and monetary donations are accepted Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm at both of our locations.

What are the most needed food items?

Although cash donations are the easiest and most efficient way to donate, we appreciate each and every food donation as well. Our most needed items are meat and protein, canned fruits and vegetables, complete meals, grains, personal hygiene items, and cleaning supplies.

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