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Youth volunteers at our warehouses sort, pack and label food for local food shelves, making a huge impact on the lives of our hungry neighbors. That's why so many schools and youth organizations partner with Second Harvest Heartland.

Volunteering is fun for families too.

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Required youth waiver and need-to-know information

Volunteer safety is paramount. We ask that anyone bringing youth to volunteer please read and understand this important information:

  1. All youth are required to present a signed parental waiver upon arrival for their volunteer shift.
  2. We have specific adult-to-child ratios that vary by volunteer location and group size.
  3. When hosting a group of youth volunteers, we ask all chaperones adhere to these guidelines.

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Youth volunteer ideas

  • Link volunteering to a milestone – Bring a group of youth to sort and repack food at Second Harvest Heartland West to celebrate a birthday, graduation, etc.
  • Help youth learn through service – Share hunger facts and stories of how volunteering has a direct impact on hungry families before your volunteer activity. Get information on hunger facts and stories and learn about our educational tools and resources.
  • Bring Your Child to Serve Day – Kids and adults sort and repack food during this annual event on Martin Luther King Day the third Monday in January. Register on our online calendar.

More questions?

See our FAQ.

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Volunteering at any age

Gabby“I have a family, and a house and plenty of food. It’s good to give other people things that you take for granted”

Gabby, a youth volunteer

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