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Food & Fund Drive: summer food for kidsMake a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Hungry Kids

Childhood hunger is a serious and prevalent issue in Minnesota that can affect both kids’ daily lives and their long-term ability to grow and succeed. During the summer months, many kids don’t have access to regular meals and nutrition they need to thrive.

By hosting a Summer Food & Fund Drive, you are helping children and their families access wholesome food that they would otherwise miss in the summer months. Whether it’s a regular or virtual drive, we’ll provide you with all the tools you need.

Two ways to host a Food & Fund Drive

  1. Regular Food Drive:Food Drive

    Collect non-perishable food donations and monetary donations at your place of work, church, school or other organization.

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  1. Virtual Food Drive:Virtual Food and Fund Drive

    For greater convenience, create a virtual food drive using our simple online tool. Donors can "shop" online for food products to make a donation.

  2. Register for a Virtual Drive

We will provide you with the tools

To make your drive a success please consider reading our FAQ and using resources from our toolkit.

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Want to donate to an existing virtual Food & Fund Drive?

To donate to an existing virtual drive, search for your organization, family member or friend’s drive.

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Featured Food & Fund Drive: Sunny Hollow Montessori

Food & Fund Drive: Sunny Hollow MontessoriAfter learning about people who didn’t have enough food, Sunny Hollow Montessori students decided to take action.

We did the food drive because our student council had a meeting and we discussed the human need of nourishment. Knowing there is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone, but not everyone has access to it, we decided to help people who do not have enough food. We were looking for organizations that help people meet their need for food. Then we found Second Harvest Heartland! We looked at your website and thought you looked like a hard working organization. We enjoyed working on this drive and are glad that it made a difference.
Mira and Joshua, Sunny Hollow Montessori elementary students

Thanks to the students and families of Sunny Hollow Montessori 512 pounds was generated during their drive, enough to provide 426 meals to hungry neighbors in our community.

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